Selected Works

Seems Unreal

Creator of Seems Unreal, a collection of 1000 artworks depicting the liminal space between the dreams of an AI and its human collaborator released as NFTs on the Ethereum network in March, 2022.

Bison Trails brand and visual identity by Mark Forscher
Head of Brand & Design

Brand strategy, marketing, visual identity, illustration, design — and much more — for Bison Trails, the leading blockchain infrastructure company. Bison Trails was acquired by Coinbase in early 2021.

ExtraCrunch visual identity by Mark Forscher

Brand identity for ExtraCrunch — TechCrunch's premium subscription service.

Arwen by Mark Forscher

Naming, visual identity, and website design for Arwen—a startup focused on offering secure trading on crypto exchanges.

NYC Cannabis Parade visual identity by Mark Forscher

Brand refresh for a four-decade-old progressive event in NYC.

 by Mark Forscher

Visual identity refresh, editorial art direction, brand and product strategy for Fatherly — the digital media brand for dads.

DepthKit visual identity by Mark Forscher

Brand identity and website design for Depthkit—volumetric video capture tools for AR/VR storytellers.

BEAM visual identity by Mark Forscher

Naming and visual identity for BEAM, an advanced financial transaction monitoring engine.

Fabric visual identity by Mark Forscher

Visual identity for Fabric—smart, modern life insurance.

Under After logos 2013-2016 by Mark Forscher
2013 — 2016

A selection of wordmark & symbols from visual identities designed between 2013 — 2016 at Under After.

Work depicted was created by Mark Forscher, unless otherwise specified.

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