Lost Waves Improvisations

Yesterday I released a live Lost Waves improvised album. The recording is the second part of about two-hours of an improvised performance in Brooklyn, NY on July 26, 2019. I livestreamed the first hour on Instagram and recorded the audio to my laptop.

lost waves improvisations

If imperfections in music are what makes it human, this live album is very human. 🙃

lost waves improvisations ↑ Photo by Able Parris

All sounds were created on the Teenage Engineering OP-1 and Casio SA-46 with 2 effects pedals to control live looping, pitch-shifting, reverb and delay. The drum sounds were sequenced on the OP-1.

lost waves improvisations

Thanks to Able and Yaron for hanging out during the performance!

Listen to the album on Bandcamp or your favorite streaming service.


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"Designers are used to identifying and questioning assumptions. It's baked into the design process. But we're not always able to apply design thinking to our own blind spots."


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